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Petalleaf~~was a queen

Petalleaf was a former queen and was Flowerpelt's mother in ThunderClan. She doesn't want a mate.
She is agorgeous calico she-cat with green eyes. is the mother of flowerpelt in thunderclan.
I made it to Starclan didn't I? That must prove my loyalty!!

Emberstorm~~was a queen

Emberstorm was a queen when she was living in one of the Clans by the lake. She doesn't want a mate, she already had one. She was always loyal to StarClan! Emberstorm is a dark brown tabby she-cat with minty green eyes. Emberstorm is determined, strong, wise, kind, and beloved. She is mother of Leafblossom. Leafblossom's father is Inkheart, a jet black tom with green eyes. When Inkheart died, he went to the Dark Forest.

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