Territories of Riverclan

Hello, I'm Leopardstar, the leader.
I suppose I could show you a bit.

 Our Clan does live in the best location, in our opinion.

Just follow me.

The water is clear and peaceful, come and see!

Moss-Slope Triangle

In the north-west corner of the map, a triangle of land exists between the divergence of two rivers from the lake. The rivers make our camp's location well defended, and the slope that harbors the camp is covered in thick cover of moss and ferns, and clumps of hazel and brambles. My Clan can swim the stream, but other cats would have to wade through the shallows or hop from the pebbly islands. Lush trees shelter the camp.

Downriver Grasslands

On the eastern bank at the River, towards the swamp and gathering island is the rest of our territory. RiverClan is not just made up of sweeping water paths and wetlands. It also includes large and abundious dediduous trees, accompinied by sloping banks. It it usually either grassy or wet underpaw, and many clans joke that we might as well have webbed feet. There are many reeds and water plants around the bank. Our territory spans south by the broad Thunderpath and crosses the stone bridge. Our territory also includes the horsepallace.


Many just come here to relax. It also serves as a nice place to hunt for vole and fish though. The water is cool and tastes wonderful. The rocks are mossy and the ground is usually damp, but that doesn't bother us....we are from Riverclan you know...

Upstream Grassland

There is a small stream that cuts through our territory. Up further a little North is a grassy plain that is dotted and dabbeled with with more seasonal trees and is bordered by the river Alba. At it's southern point is the greenlead twolegplace, and in the middle of the territory is a very tall, lone pine tree with high branches that make it difficult to climb and skratchy, but shady underneath.

Littlepine Sailing Centre

The dock and all the boating area surrounding our territory was named the Greenplace for Twolegs by the cats was called this because many twolegs arrive here during the summer, when it is most commonly used. When you come off the road and turn west, it leads to this dock. Also, an asphalt parking lot resides near the dock, which offers parking for the extatic twolegs and their digusting monsters. Often in greenleaf the shrieks and splashes of the twoloeg kits can be heard all around RiverClan territory. This is the Littlepine Sailing Centere.

Small Thunderpath and Swamp Border

The borders of our Clan separates it from the neutral twoleg and swamplands and the northern forests of ShadowClan. The north border is marked by a thin twoleg thunderpath that leads to the greenleaf twolegplace, and the second border is the end of RiverClan's southern territory, marked by the edge of the swamp.