Territories of Shadowclan

Hello, I'm Blackstar, the leader.
I'll show you around a bit, as long as you don't tell cats

 from the other Clans about our home!!

We, just like the other Clans, live around a large lake.

We enjoy were we live, it is dark in the forest and

 peaceful. Well almost, there is a twoleg's nest north of

 our camp that houses evil cats...Beware...

Camp Entrance-Disguised Hollow

The ShadowClan camp is located in a small, sheltered hollow beneath the pine trees of the area, and there is a pool of water close by, called the Small Pool. The hollow is sheltered by dense brambles and the low-hanging branches of the pine trees around it. It is camouflaged so that if you were to pass through ShadowClan as a tresspasser - and I dearly hope you won't - you could walk right by the camp. It is small and secluded, matching their surroundings, with tiny dens on the edge of the camp clearing to maximize defense. Great warriors before me chose the location and I'm impressed by their decision. Many cats wouldn't have even know our camp was there is it wasn't for our distinctive Clan smell.

Small Pool

This is the Small Pool, it is close to our camp and we get our water from it. We prefer not to swim in it, that is what Riverclan is for. Many like to sit by the bank and gaze around the clearing, it is very comforting!! The large trees around it are good for climbing and serve a good place to look out from. It is a good location for catching shrew and blackbirds, if that's what you prefer...

Sadler Woods-Hunting Grounds {at Night}

This is where we like to hunt the most, when we aren't getting food from carrion places! It is always relaxing to go hunting at night when the air is eerie and cool. There aren't very many breezes, making it easier to hunt here than any place else. We are good at sneaking around though, you have to admit it!
Making up the bulk of ShadowClan's hunting grounds is the sheltered pine woodlands. The woods have high branches which make them difficult to climb, and the forest floor is covered with a spongy layer of pine needles which disguise scents make a soft carpet. Bramble bushes and similar groundcover grow below the trees.

Stepping Stones {during sunrise}

Our border with Thunderclan is not far from here. Often times warriors will come here to lay in the sun or jump from rock to rock. Apprentices love to try to jump the farthest, making their muscles stronger.

Path to Gathering

We follow this path to go to the Gatherings that are held at the Fourtrees/Island. It was once a thunderpath but no monster are ever on it, making it safe for us to use it. The medicine cats follow this path also to go to the Moonpool. We like to teach our apprentices to track on this trail.

Twoleg Path and Small Thunderpath

ShadowClan's borders are distinctive, both defined by twolegs. In greenleaf the cats tramp up and down the small twoleg trail, marked with shiny blue markers. There territory also extends to encompass the greenleaf twolegplace, despite it being past the path. ShadowClan's border with RiverClan is also a twoleg path -- a skinny thunderpath which leads to the sailing centre.

Sanctuary Cottage

Home to two aggressive kittypets and their equally aggressive owners, the twoleg nest in ShadowClan is anything but abandoned. This place is generally avoided by ShadowClanners, even if the threat of the two kittypets has been solved, the twolegs remain dangerous.

Hareview Campsite

The greenleaf twolegplace is alive with twoleg activity during greenleaf, when they set up tents and build fires. It is known by the twolegs as Hareview campsite, and is only open in the summer months. Sometimes twolegs leave food behind that the ShadowClanners can use, making it the equivalent of Carrionplace.

Well, that's all I'm going to show you for today!!

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