Territories of Starclan!!!

Welcome to Starclan, I'm Yellowstar,

come with me and I'll show you around a bit.
We watch over the Clans from up here,
I'm actually surprised to see you here!
Oh well, let's get to the point, now follow me!!!


StarClan walks many paths in the sky, yet there are many we haven't explored and never will! These paths are within the boundaries of where the four Clans live below us. Our paths only go as far as we need them to, if even!  Several small streams lead to and from the lake, and two docks built by twolegs extend into it. We are happy to be able to explore so much!

Rushing River

Descendants of RiverClan like to hang around here. The flowing water is soothing to hear and the cool misty spray always feels great! I finally understand why RiverClan enjoy it so much! Frogs ribbit, fish swim, what else could you want??

Tall Trees

Tall Trees is were we wander through flowers and hunt for mice. Of course there are flowers here all year around, lucky us! Kits that have joined StarClan come here to enjoy sunlight and watch the clans below battle. Elders will occationly come here, but no one really wants annoing kits beneath their paws!

Hidden Shadows

Hidden Shadows is a particulaly shadow place when the sun isn't shinning to its fullest. ShadowClan desendents find it most like home here and wander between the large tree trunks to explore. Warriors find prey here sometimes, although hardly any. Why catch fast mice when so many slow ones are a little ways away??

~Tribe of Endless Hunting's Skies~

We don't wander as far as that, although we trust the Tribe of Endless Hunting to watch over our warriors when they pass through, like they did on the great journey. Many wonder what it's like there, you really want to know? Go ask Feathertail...

Forest of Above

As part of Starclan, we live in the sky. We can be seen at night from the bright shinny starts that fill the dark sky above. Many look to us for help and we give what we can, which is sometimes not enough. Our warriors trust us although, have faith!