Territories of Thunderclan

Hello, I'm Sunstar, the leader.
And why should I let you look around our territory??

 A trick from Shadowclan is it? No? Okay, I suppose

I'll show you around.

We love the location of our home, it is the best!

 Unlike Windclan, the cold windy hills, Riverclan, the icy

rushing water, Shadowclan, the eerie dark forest, we

 enjoy warmth and sunshine...

Hare Hill Quarry

The stone hollow is ThunderClan's new camp is, it is a symmetrical abandoned quarry with cliffs of rosy-coloured sheer rock. On one side the slope leading down is easy to climb down, with pawholds and a gentler angle, but on the other side of the quarry are tall, dangerous cliffs with a straight drop that would lead any cat to it's death. Over time many bushes and grasses have grown in on the cracks and flats of the stones, making it ideal for our camp.

Clearing of Shrubs

Here warriors hunt for prey or lie in the sun. The Shrubs provide a handy place to collect herbs that are needed for the medicine cat. Apprentices learn to track here, the damp ground makes it quite a challenge. In the center of the shrubs, a fox had made its den but it is now abandoned and it leads to tunnels that go to Windclan territory also. Cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water had used to make their homes around the area.

Sandy Trail

Be wary here: When greenleaf comes around, if you ever are within a foxlength of a colored arrow, you're too close to this Twoleg path. It seems Twolegs like to be close to nature sometimes, especially when the warm weather hits. Normally they don't stray far from the marked path, but should your fur be appealing to them, they may pluck you straight from your Clan! And it's not worth being dared here only to be kidnapped, right? We need all the warriors we have!!

Abandoned Workman's House

Once a Twoleg nest deep in the Littlepine forests, the stronghold has now been abandoned, and has been, by the looks of it, before the all of the warrior Clans even entered the lake territory. The feel of sharply cut wood underpaw can be frightening, but there is one good thing about the place: it's herb haven! Especially catnip, which grows year-round inside the snug little house, although it may be hard to access in leaf-bare, given the fact that it's so far away from camp. It is also used to house sick cats when there is too much infection.

Towering Oak

The ancient oak is a huge oak tree surrounded by beech trees located in southern end of our territory, on the shore of the lake. It has large roots where the ground has fallen away, that shelter an old rabbit burrow. Many animals, prey among others, come here for shelter, and thus there is easy game. It seems to be the tallest tree in the four clans, and occasional daylight gathering climbing contests are held here. This tree is normally called the Ancient Oak, or more recently, the Sky Oak.

Poor Clearing and Rushing Stream

The wilted tree is a hollow shell of a leafy tree, just shy of a prey-poor clearing. Before, the dead tree was the border with ShadowClan, however, Firestar surrendered the clearing to the greedy ShadowClan and its leader Blackstar without a fight. All the way across territory, there is a fast moving stream that slaps against the shores, from which WindClan and ThunderClan may drink. The once generous leader of WindClan, Sootstar, had once surrendered the stream in whole to ThunderClan, but at the next gathering that was gently vetoed.

That's basically all there is to see, so shoo!!

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