Territories of Windclan

Hello, I'm Sootstar, the leader.
Let me show you our home, or most of it at least.

 We made our home in the hills that over look

a large lake that is home to all of the Clans, plus

other cats and animals.

We have to watch out for the Stables that are filled

 with horses, I'd advise you to stay close to me if you

 want to be safe...

Grass Valley

Our camp is basicly a shallow scoop in the moorland, WindClan's camp mostly resembles it's old camp. The small valley supports an amount of trees and boulders that shelter the camp. Because of how open it is, in poor weather my Clan may retreat into the thorn-sheltered underground burrows nearby. While the camp is not well defended or hidden, the sharp eyes of Windclan are always on guard and can not miss a trespasser as they come over the hills.

Crystal Stream

This tumbling stream leads along the edge of the our border and up into the hills to the Moonpool. The hills dip steeply towards the narrow stream. The ground cuts off sharply down to sandy banks as the stream lulls, never any current disturbing it. This is one of the only two streams in our territory, this one feeding off the sacred Moonpool.

Northern Hills

The northern side of WindClan's moor slopes down to the Crystal Stream that leads to the Moonpool. There are few trees to be found, mainly flowers grow there. It is by the border of Thunderclan's territory, patrols are often sent that way, the Thunderclan warriors like to wander on our territory it seems. Warriors also train there apprentices here often, it is also a good place to hunt for rabits.

Southern Hills

The southern side of WindClan moor is high and gently sloping towards the twolegplace, and is almost unblemished by trees save for a small fringe of trees down from WindClan camp. Should a Windclan warrior be wanting some shade on a patrol, this may not be the place to look for it, for these trees are barren, smooth as sandpaper, the bark and leaf-stripped, due in part to the harsh winds, and the claws of apprentices practicing their climbing occasionally here.

Water's Edge and Rushing Stream

This is where the triangle of water meets land, or where our territory meets RiverClan's. Although the reedy lake is considered neutral territory for all the Clans, no cat of my clan with any sense would ever even think about stepping into the water! On the other side of the territory, the Rushing Stream, which is shared with ThunderClan, marks the border. A multitude of herbs grow there on both sides, so my Clan, be thankful it was set there!

Sunning Stones

The Sunning Stones can be found near our camp to the east, not as far as the gorge though. They are good for laying on during nice sunny days. Elders enjoy hanging around here as much as apprentices. Rabbits burrow beneath the rocks and are a tasty treat for a nice day.

Eastern Flatland

This place can be found to the east of our camp. It is where our territory ends and undiscovered land begins. This is a great location when hunting or just racing around. Not very many patrol go this way, there are no Clans that way to protect our camp from. There is a gorge just a little farther east that shows where our territory stops.


Here is where our territory ends. Some elder boast they came out in the middle of the night and jumped across the gorge and back with out falling. Apprentices know to stay away but are tempted by the elders. If one paw steps out of place here, you would plummet into icy water and a sure death.

Horse Place-Hare Hill Riding Stables

The small twoleg place here is fairly peaceful, and home to a few kittypet barncats, as well as huge beasts called horses that have allowed the twolegs to tame them. There are three chain-fence enclosed fields and two houses on the property are were the twolegs live. There is also a barn and stable connected to the fields. For safety from the dangerous hooves of the animals, cats stay outside of the field.

Go along now, there was enough seen here...

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