Welcome to the Territories of the Clans!!!

Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan
all make their homes around the lake.
Each leader agreed to talk with you
and possibly show you around their territory,
if I was you, I'd be on my best behavior.
Clan leaders can get pretty nasty........


Sanctuary Lake

The lake is a large body of water that is located in the center of the territories, and it is small enough that the other side can just be seen from one end. Several small streams lead to and from the lake, and two docks built by twolegs extend into it. It is known to the twolegs as Sanctuary Lake, and Littlepine sailing centre is open in Greenleaf for sailing. At the southern point of the lake the water turns into shallow swamp filled with reeds and a good source of medicine cat herbs. The fish within the lake are difficult to catch because they tend to stay closer to the deep water further in.

Crystal Pool

The moonpool is the lakeside equivalent of the moonstone, a small crystal pool were medicine cats and leaders can drink the water and communicate with StarClan through dreams. The pool is surrounded mostly by stones which make good resting places for those wishing to speak to the warrior ancestors.


The swamp is at the edge of the lake were RiverClan territory ends. Because of the abundance of herbs there, it was decided the land would stay neutral, much to RiverClan's protests. The ground is soggy and gets wetter as it travels further into the lake.

Littlepine Island

Littlepine island is a large, flat grassy island on the southern side of the lake, close to the shore. The island is fringed with shrubbery and trees, and is surrounded on all sides by the water of the lake, normally making it only accessible to RiverClan. An old tree, struck down by lightning moons ago, now serves as a bridge for the rest of the Clanners, who call the island the spot for moonly gatherings. The tree is narrow and striped of bark, making it potentially treacherous and only wide enough for a single file procession. In the middle of the island is a big oak tree, with low-sweeping branches, upon which the leaders can address the assembled cats.

Hare Hill Riding Stables

The small twoleg place here is fairly peaceful, and home to a few kittypet barncats, as well as huge beasts called horses that have allowed the twolegs to tame them. There are three chain-fence enclosed fields and two houses on the property are were the twolegs live. There is also a barn and stable connected to the fields. For safety from the dangerous hooves of the animals, cats stay outside of the field.

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