I'm going to add some more things to do on the site, I have to admit, it can get really boring really fast! Here are my ideas:

~~Gathering Page: You can hunt for your clan by filling out a form and posting it! Or maybe you want to help the medicine cat gather? Fill out another form! (You may or may not gather anything every time, and be careful no to get hurt!!)

~~Training Hollow: Gain hunting and fighting skills for battle or on a hunting patrol.

-Gain loyalty 'marks' in order to prove yourself to your leader. (If you have so many loyalty 'marks' you can lead a patrol or lead the Clan into battle!)
-Age regularly and soon enough you'll find yourself in the elder's den!
-Always begin the game as kits so that you can grow and learn about the warrior way.
-Figure out your history by e-mailing me!
-Earn items! (like for dreaming or for talking to a leader from a different Clan alone)