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I, Sootstar am loyal to my clan as well as Starclan. I always dreamed of being leader some day but never imagined I would make it that far!! I didn't let my ambition get in the way though, cats still mention Tigerstar of Shadowclan and Thunderclan who killed cats to be leader. They obviously don't know how to breed loyal cats, or train them, who knows. I never had kits or a mate, I never really felt like I wanted to have a mate, I just need to focus on doing the best for my Clan by staying as healthy as ever. I'm the swiftest of the Clan, not to mention the most alert. My Clan doesn't need anything from Thunderclan, who thinks they're our babysitters. Some say that the cold wind made our heart cruel, but it just makes us stronger.
We are the Wind that starts the storm, just wait and see.


Falonclaw is a loyal brown tom. He was once a warrior and had a mate, but she died. He cowed to never love again. That is why he is now a medicine cat. He has dreams from StarClan every night that prove his loyalty. Sootstar trusts him to do the right thing as a medicine cat now.


Starshine doesn't necessarily want a mate, she is a medicine cat apprentice. She is yellow she-cat with white paws and a white star on her forehead. She also has yellow eyes. She is extremely loyal to StarClan!!
Previous Mentor: Falconclaw

Warrior cats needed!!!


Dragonclaw is a white tom that has brown ears and tail with blue eyes. He is extremely loyal to StarClan an WindClan. He is a very good fighter and is very swift and loyal. He would prefer a mate in the future. Many cats look to him for guidance.


Hawktalon would like to have a mate so that she can happily have kits. She is a skinny normal fluffy she cat, she has cream fur, loves the wind, and doesn't tend to show much emotion. She is very loyal to StarClan!


Hawktalon is small but is am faster than the fastest cat you'll ever see, exept in StarClan! Hawktalon is the color of a hawk and wants a mate. Hawktalon it very loyal to StarClan!


Orangewing is very loyal to StarClan as well as her Clan. Orangewing is looking for a mate, she has a crush on Dragonclaw. She is a calico she-cat with blue eyes. She is restless, loyal, kind, fierce, and cheerful. She is looking forward to having kits. She is a good hunter and fighter.


Yellowdawn in a female. No one should question her loyalty to StarClan! Yellowdawn if a beautiful yellow she-cat. She has beautiful blue eyes, and on the tip of her tail it is black. She would like to have a mate in the future. She is great friends to Dawnfur, and loves Dawnfur's kit Moonkit. She is fierce in battle but is always calm out side of battle.

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Apprentices needed!!!


Hawkpaw would like to have a mate. She is a calico cat with blue eyes. She is sweet, loving, fierce. She is also strong, nice, loyal, smart, fast and would like to be leader someday.She is very loyal to StarClan!!


 Blue wants a mate once he is older. He is gray tom with white speckels on face and is very loyal to StarClan.

Queens and kits needed!!!


Leafkit is a female and is too young to have a mate. She is very loyal to StarClan and is a light brown maine coone with gray eyes. She only care about her Clan and StarClan!


Moonkit is a female and is too young to have a mate. She is just starting to learn about StarClan. Moonkit is a beautiful black and white she-cat, and is very kind to all she meets. She is very good friends with Starpaw, Sparkelpaw, and Sparkelpaw of ShadowClan. She looks up to her mother, Dawnfur, and her father, Bluefeather. She hopes to be a strong warrior when she grows up.
Mother: Dawnfur
Father: Bluefeather

Elders needed!!!

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